Guidelines for Software Testing Walk-ins

Few Guidelines for Software Testing Walk-ins

Every day, there are several walk-ins for software testing jobs, in several parts of the country. These walk-ins promise innumerable opportunities for software testing job seekers to shine through, but alas, all in vain. Many times, the simple fact that the testing of software that the company who has called in for the drive is not your expertise, alone, can make the whole endeavor go waste.

So, the best way to begin with, when going for any walk-ins, and that of software testing is to:

Verify the Authenticity: Is there a walk-in drive for the software testing or for any other position in the company? Or is the interview intimation genuine and come from a trustworthy agency? Do not go on a fool’s errand. Check before going.

Appropriateness of the Job: So you have a walk-in in a city for software testing. But does it say the number of positions or is it appropriate for your profile? There are many things like experience and salary structure which might not suit you. It is better to verify these aspects before going.

Go Prepared: If you are an experienced tester or have a few months of experience in testing, put it all up in a portfolio. Any special projects, milestones need to be highlighted. Organize your documents, prepare well for the technical interview and be prepared for any questions on a professional and personal front.

Make up Your Mind: It is not every day that you get walk-ins for software testing. Do not miss the opportunity by not going prepared to accept the change in roles or shifting of places. Also, prepare in your mind about the kind of company or role you want, and convey the same to show confidence in your position.

Many times, recruitment consultants and companies conduct such walk-ins to short-list a huge chunk of people to place them in various roles across industries. It is important, therefore, to go well prepared for all eventualities, to come out the winner.