About Qualitician

What we are

Qualitician.com (part of Qualitician IT Services Private Limited) is an exclusive job board for Software Quality Control (Software Testing) and Software Quality Assurance Professionals. Our mission at Qualitician is to supply competent and successful Software Quality Professionals to organizations that need them.

We are a technology company focused on helping employers find and hire talented Software Quality Assurance Professionals. Our platform allows Employers and Recruitment Consultants to advertise unlimited number of Software Testing and Quality Assurance jobs.

What sets Qualitician apart from other general job boards out there?

Our exclusive community of software testing job seekers who are actively looking for opportunities in the software testing field.

Advantages of QA Job Board

Our Technology

Job Matching & Candidate Matching:

Finding the best candidate/job isn’t always easy, but it can be easier with the best tools. Qualitician offers both job matching (matching jobs to candidates) and candidate matching (matching candidates to jobs). Our software allows Employers and Job seekers to be matched based on their respective needs and profiles. After being matched, the employer receives a list of qualified software quality professionals while the job seeker receives a list of matching job openings.

Application Tracking System:

Important features of the Qualitician's application tracking system include the following list. Sign up to see the full list of features.

  • Assign responsibilities to team members
  • Review and sort applicant resumes
  • Track status of each applicant
  • Communicate with applicants directly
  • Add notes to applicant profile
  • Add skill rating to applicant profile
  • Review quesionnaire results submitted by applicant
  • Send interview invitation emails to candidates
  • Send background verification information request

Branded Careers Site:

You can create a branded careers page, hosted for free on Qualitician. It will advertise your open positions and showcase your company culture. This page can include:

  • Your company logo
  • A banner for your company careers page
  • A description of your company (About your company)
  • A list of your current job openings, with links to the full job descriptions
  • Social media links


Qualitician allows you to easily create and track referral campaigns for your open positions. An employee referral program is a recruiting strategy in which employers encourage current employees, to refer qualified candidates for jobs in their organizations. Employee referral programs are also more cost-effective than other recruiting strategies and often are the fastest way to find external talent.

Screening Questionnaires:

Qualitician allows you to create pre-assessment questions to gauge basic knowledge of job applicants. You can quickly filter out irrelevant candidates from the start and focus on the right ones.

Interview Scheduling:

Interview scheduling is an essential part of the hiring process. Our software enables your hiring team to instantly schedule interviews online. Recruiters can provide job seekers with available time slots, which gives job seekers the flexibility to schedule interviews based on availability.

Post Jobs to Recruitment Consultants:

If you are not doing your recruiting in-house and if you want recruiters to search suitable candidates for your open positions, we have got that covered too. Our system allow Employers to post their job requirement to Recruitment/Placement Agencies.

Background Verification:

Depending on an employer's criteria, to investigate the background of potential employees, any organization registered on Qualitician can send background verification information (also called pre-employment screening) requests to successful candidates.

Social Media Integration:

After a job is posted on our job board, users can easily and quickly re-post it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts with just one click. Users also can share content with others via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Job Fairs:

We host online job fairs periodically based on the requirements received from employers. Interested Employers can register with Qualitican and post their job requirements.

Cloud Storage:

Qualitician offers the flexibility to save applicant profiles to your cloud account (Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox). Also, if you have a collection of resumes in a folder in your cloud account, you can upload all of these to a centralized place on Qualitician and share these with others in your organization.

User Management:

To manage the hiring process of your organization, Qualitician offers you the flexibility to add additional users from your organization and define user roles and permissions in the system.