QA Recruitment Services

Qualitician is a specialist software testing recruitment company, focusing on connecting high calibre software QA talent with businesses. We help fill roles for all software testing disciplines, from Test Manager and Test Lead to Test Automation Professionals and Manual Testers.

Qualitician is a leading professional recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment of software testing professionals on behalf of the software development and software testing companies. We provide cost-effective & intelligent recruitment solutions to software testing companies.

Reasons To Partner With Qualitician

Qualitician offers a number of unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading specialist QA recruitment consultancies:

1. QA Recruitment Solutions For All Industries

Qualitician offers professional QA staffing services to software companies from all verticals and sectors. We have assisted software development companies in hiring software testers for different roles. We have experience in hiring software QA professionals for IT companies in pharma, healthcare, banking, insurance, retail, energy, etc., domains. Our wide range of expertise in dealing with software testers for various domains makes us the preferred software testing recruitment agency.

2. QA Recruitment Services For all Software Testing Roles

We have the experience and expertise to handle staffing services for all software testing roles. We offer permanent staffing services for all software testing positions, from entry level to top management. Our talent portfolio includes test architects, test analysts, automation test engineers, performance testers, ETL testers, API testers, security testers and mobile testers. We recruit software testers at all levels, with experience across multiple industry sectors.

3. QA Recruitment Solutions For Any Number Of Hires

Whether you want to recruit one software tester or hire many software test engineers at the same time, we assure you that we give the same commitment to the hiring process and we can offer the right permanent QA staffing solutions.

4. Quick Turnaround Time

Utilising our superior sourcing strategies, we can provide a prequalified shortlist of software QA engineers in a matter of days, speeding up the recruitment process.

5. Specialist Software Testing Recruitment Company

Our recruiting team is exclusively focused on attracting the best software testing talent as opposed to other staffing firms that focus on a variety of technology roles.


Our Sourcing Methodology

We use a range of innovative sourcing solutions to find you the best software testing talent in the market. As a quality assurance staffing agency, we ensure each QA professional we submit to you meets your specific set of requirements that will make them the ideal candidate. Our goal is to get it right the first time.

1. Candidate Database

As a software testing recruitment consultant, we maintain an ever-growing database of software testers. We search through our proprietary database of software testers and select the ones that meet your project/organization needs. Our recruiters search through the most diverse and active talent pool of software testers, to zero in on the right candidates for your software testing job requirements.

2. Targeted Search

We have dedicated and experienced recruiters to identify the most suitable software testing talent for your organisation. Our QA recruiters can find the perfect match for any level of experience or skill set requirements. Whether you need a manual tester or an automation tester, we can help you find the right fit for your project needs.

3. Advertising and Promoting Vacancies

We promote your software testing job to ensure it gets seen by the right software testers. We advertise QA job openings on our QA Job Board and encourage software testers to submit their resumes. To ensure maximum response to job requirements, we promote your software testing jobs on social media.


Our QA Recruitment Process

We gather detailed job requirements from our clients so we can understand exactly who they are looking for. We define the desired skillset, experience and domain expertise of a suitable software tester. Then we create a screening questionnaire based on our client’s job requirements and our own vast expertise and experience. Thus, our software quality assurance staffing agency can find the best match for your project needs.

We collect resumes from different sources to create a talent pool based on your job description. These sources include our internal database, external sources (social media, job portals, etc.) and referrals. Our team sifts through the pool of candidates, selecting those who suit your requirements best. We capture details of the suitable candidates in a format that is trackable over a period of time.

We conduct pre-screening interviews and then we send shortlisted CVs for your consideration. Thus, you get the cream of the crop to conduct your own interviews and make final decisions. We work with the client’s team to conduct interviews and any other steps in the selection process with shortlisted candidates.


Would you like to partner with us and build an outstanding software QA team for your organization? Get in touch with us today and together, we can work towards building a software testing team customized to your needs.