Benefits of Using QA Job Board

In this article, we look at some of the main benefits of using QA job board to fill your software testing job vacancies and why you should include it in your hiring strategy.

Reasons to Focus Your Recruiting on QA Job Board

Qualitician offer a myriad of advantages for employers seeking software testing talent. With a targeted approach, our platform connects you directly with software testing job seekers who possess the specific skills and experience your company needs.

You Target the Right Audience

While there are many popular general job posting websites, they don’t focus on specialized positions or industry. Job postings on industry-specific career portal such as Qualitician receive higher quality & more relevant job applications, leading to lower cost-to-fill a QA position.

Posting your job on our Quality Assurance Job Board means you are exposing the job requirement to actual professionals in the software testing domain and you do not have to spend your valuable time sifting through job applications from unqualified candidates that shouldn't be applying to the job posting.

When you post a job ad, you may also receive services such as social media promotion, email marketing, etc., to attract QA talent with specific skills, experience, and qualifications.

By using our QA Job Portal, you’re already narrowing down the search parameters to the right sector, i.e., software testing, you’re going to reach candidates who have the experience and qualifications you’re looking for and you increase your chances of quickly finding highly qualified QA talent.

By utilizing our job board, you're not just filling a software testing position, you're building a network of talent that is truly invested in software testing industry. This fosters long-term relationships and ensures a steady pipeline of skilled software testing professionals for your organization.

Cost Effective

When you post a job ad on generalist job platforms, you could be spending your valuable time and money on getting ads in front of wrong people because the audience that sees your job ad on those platforms work in every type of industry.

With industry-specific job board, since majority of the website’s visitors work in the same industry, you can reach out to qualified talent while spending less time and budget on posting and promoting your job ads. Since our Software Testing Job Board is aimed at a specific audience, i.e., Software Testers, all of the CVs are in the right field. So you can purchase resume database subscription without worrying about your money going to waste.

Employer Branding

Recruiting is a nonstop activity. By creating a company profile on our QA job board you will get your company seen by professionals who are looking for jobs in software testing industry. Posting open vacancies on our QA Career Portal allows you to promote your brand to the people you’re trying to reach.

Why a Software Testing Job Seeker Should Consider QA Job Board

Here are reasons you should use QA job board in your search for the software testing job.

Our niche job board focus on your specific sector, i.e., software testing and QA, so you won’t find search results for jobs outside your profession. It is easy to find positions such as QA internships, remote QA jobs, freelancing QA jobs, etc., through our platform.

When you create a profile on our job board, employers looking for specific software testing skills and experience can get in touch with you. Also, browsing QA job portal gives you an idea on employers that are looking for software testing roles.

Our niche job board can help you find more relevant and targeted software testing job opportunities. With our specialty job board, along with software testing jobs, you can find industry-relevant content and career specific information. These resources can help even if you don't actually apply for a software testing job through our platform.