Software Testing Videos

Writing an effective bug report is crucial for the efficient resolution of software issues. Here are some tips to help you write clear and effective bug reports.
Entry criteria in software testing refer to the conditions or prerequisites that must be met before testing activities can commence on a software project. These criteria ensure that the software is in a suitable state for testing and that the testing process can be conducted effectively.
Quality doesn’t happen by accident, it takes deep knowledge and a relentless pursuit of perfection.
What are the soft skills every QA professional should have? Being technically strong will definitely help you in getting the software testing job that you have been dreaming of, but if you wish to excel in the software testing field in the long run, you need to have great soft skills, as well. There are quite a few non-technical skills that are required for being successful in testing.
Software testing is one of the most sought-after careers in the IT world. After completing your bachelor’s degree, are you still thinking how to start career in software testing? In this video we will discuss about skills required to start career in software testing as a beginner.